I am not a member of WPPI. Will my past entries count towards my Honors of Excellence designation?
From 2012 to 2013, accurate records have been kept of the exact score from non-member's prints and albums including the exact categories in which they were entered. All entrants must become a member of WPPI by January 1, 2014 in order to receive credit from past entries towards their Honors of Excellence designation. You must maintain your WPPI membership for your title to be recognized.
If you would like credit for previous years' entries, you must provide proof of the score from previous years' entries (through 2002). You may submit your proof via the appeals process which can be found at: www.wppiawards.com
How will your current WPPI Honors of Excellence status be calculated based on previous year's entries?
With the change of ownership of Rangender and WPPI, the accuracy of past records may not precisely determine the history of your awards and your points. In some cases, this may make it difcult to determine what your current status should be. A reasonable tally of accolades has been maintained from 2002 to 2007. From 2008 to 2011, accurate records have been kept of the exact score of your prints and albums. And from 2012 to 2013, accurate records have been kept of the exact score of your prints and albums including the exact categories in which they were entered. Keeping the above information in mind, we believe that there should be a line drawn in the sand from 2002 where your points will be tallied to determine your Honors of Excellence designation. NOTE: Only Grand Award winners (excluding Premier Grand Award winners) prior to 2002 will be allowed to add points to their designation. But you must prove ownership of your Grand Awards.
Here is how the points will be tallied for accolades awarded from 2002 to 2007:
As previously mentioned, only a tally of accolades (prints and albums that scored an 80 or above) were accurately recorded with no distinction of exact scores. Because only the 4 top scoring entries contribute to the Honors of Excellence program, a maximum of 4 points will be designated to a member if they have been awarded 4 or more accolades. A winner of 3 accolades will be given 3 points for example and so on. Unfortunately, prints or albums that scored 90+ from 2002 to 2007 will not be given more points according to the new system unless the scores can be proven.
From 2008 onwards, the 4 top scoring prints and albums will contribute to your Honors of Excellence designation. As WPPI has the exact scores on record, gold and platinum awards will receive more points.
What if I want to question the points that have been tallied for my Honors of Excellence designation?
When you question or challenge the points that were tallied for your Honors of Excellence designation, your case will be presented in front of the permanent competition committee that includes Therasa Raffetto (Director of WPPI), Brad Kuhns (Technical director of the Annual 16x20 print and album competition), Lavonne Hall (WPPI Membership Coordinator) and Jerry and Melissa Ghionis (Competition Directors). A majority vote will determine the outcome of the challenge. In case of an afrmative decision, the entrant's record will be updated. WPPI's committee decision is final.
How will I know the status of my Honors of Excellence designation?
Each WPPI member will receive login details for this website where you will be able to see your status.
Additional Questions?
For technical questions regarding entering the contest, please email us at awards@wppievents.com.
It is recommended for all other questions about qualications, rules or category questions please visit the Competition Facebook page to see if the question has already been answered or you can post your question there for all to benefit.
We suggest you follow the questions and answers being provided on the Competition Facebook page.
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