Frequently Asked Questions

What is an entry?
An entry may consist of one image.

Is there a limit to the number of entries that I can submit?
No, you may enter as many entries as you like.

What format should I save my digital images for registering online?
You should submit JPEG images saved with max quality compression with a long dimension of 1,000 pixels at 72 to 300 dpi with either Adobe1998, sRGB or untagged color space. Please do not submit images larger than 3 Megabytes.

What format should I mail-in my digital images on CD/DVD with my prints?
A CD or DVD must also be included with the submissions. CD/DVD should be labeled with your name, photographer ID and number of files contained on the disc. Uploaded images and image files sent in on CD must be minimally compressed (in Photoshop use Q12 when saving images) in either Adobe RGB or sRGB color space. The images must be 300 dpi, cannot exceed 6000 pixels x 4800 pixels, and have a maximum file size of 15 MB per image.

Can I enter if I live outside of the U.S.?
Except where prohibited by law, international entries can be submitted.

Where do I send prints to?
Ship prints to:

Emerald Expositions, Inc.
85 Broad Street (11th Floor)
New York, NY 10004

Do you still have questions?
For additional questions contact us

For more information please read our FAQ (frequently asked questions).
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